Here are the troubleshooting steps to re-pair your SoundWhiz headphones:

1) Turn off your headphones

2) Delete the SoundWhiz profiles from your phone and PC, and restart bluetooth on those devices

3) Plug in your headphones to charge until you see the red light

4) Long press the power button until you see a blue light flash inside the red light

5) Unplug your headphones from charger cable

6) Long press the power button until you get into pairing mode (blue and red alternate flashing)

7) On your phone, search for new devices. The pairing name 'SoundWhiz...' should appear.

8) Select that profile name to pair your device

9) If the headphone stops the alternate flashing lights - it means it is paired and connected and you should be all set.

If your phone does not find the device, turn off bluetooth on your phone settings, and power down your headphone. Then restart bluetooth on your phone, and follow steps 6-9 again.

Hope that helps. If you need further help or support, please contact us at